August 19, 1952 – November 29, 2010

Ken was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1952. His family moved to New York City when Ken was five and he was always a New Yorker, even after living in San Francisco for many years. Ken was truly passionate about being a photographer; it was the core of who he was. He died, at the age of 58, in his home in San Francisco.

His bio, as he wrote it, is below:

“For me, the real challenge, joy, and terror of being a photographer is figuring out how to create or capture that elusive moment when inner truth and/or beauty becomes visible.

From my first Nikon to the used Hasselblad that I bought from a friend, to the digital Canons that I now use, what I find fascinating is how much photography has changed technically, while the really important skills that I use basically remain the same.

I find that on a photo shoot, most of the really crucial decisions (concept, subject, location, styling, etc.) are made well before the first photograph is taken. If they have been done with careful attention to details, the photographer becomes free to let the shoot unfold naturally, and is often rewarded with anticipated and more “truthful” images.”